In the summers you might feel hot temperature through the day and night in the building and ceiling fans keep on throwing hot air. Performance of AC is not also good due to hot weather conditions and load shedding circumstances. So, it is difficult to survive in such weather conditions. A TO Z GLOBAL Enterprises has best price-controlled technology to protect you from heat by heat resistant chemical coating on top roof, then you can reduce the temperature in the building and live comfortably. This method of application will save energy and cooling costs and temperature will be lower by 5-70 C inside the building.



  • Ultraviolet and infrared Resistant – Continuous rejection of solar heat resulting in drastic reduction of roof heat. Increase in temperature due to heat radiation from the roof stopped, keeping the coated area comfortable even in peak summer afternoons.
  • Reflecting UV and IR rays back to the atmosphere
  • Eliminates the necessity for false ceiling
  • Contains no solvents, cleans up with water. No toxic substance included


  1. Cleaned ores to be washed with water, Bleaching Powder (if Required)
  2. Stir the chemical thoroughly before each use.
  3. Apply first coat with brush on the cleaned & washed surface.
  4. Apply second coat after o gap of minimum 1 hour.
  5. Ensure that the coated area does not come in contact with water for at least 2
  6. After completion of full coating, it should be allowed to cure.
  7. It can be applied by spraying, roller or brush. making it a very simple — labor
    product that is easy to apply and can replace bulky conventional and
    standard insulation materials, and can enhance or replace those existing