Termite is a silent enemy that effects 24 hours to your precious items in the building, on time precautions are must to take in this connection.

Mosquitoes spared diseases such as malaria, yellow fever, and Dengue fever. Flies are found in unsanitary conditions like garbage dumps and trash can, when they are around, humans can become very sick. Similarly, cockroaches have been around since the time of dinosaurs! They crawl in our home, tracking in lots of bacterial and germs contaminate food by shedding their skins and cause allergies, asthma and other diseases, especially in kids. So, fumigation spray is necessary to control all pests protect your Health.


After excavation and before laying foundation termite proofing is necessary to keep the termite is out. A second application before laying of floor slab is required to seal any potential threat of attack through the floor. A third application along outer parameter of the structure is also required to protect the structure.


Post-Construction treatment is a highly technical job required expertise and technical know-how. It involves drilling specific sized hole at pre-determined intervals and injecting solution through this hole to obtain a barrier between termite and the structure. It is said that the chemicals into the soil. A TO Z GLOBAL ENTERPRISES has trained and developed a team of technicians who can take care of all your termite protection jobs equipped with hammer drills, sub slab injectors, Roding devices, Protective equipments and regulated pressure pumps. These professionals can handle any job the client’s satisfactions