Leakage-seepage, traces of water in the building, falling paint and other Precious items may cause you feel upset at times but the major effects can be hidden from your sight is the storage of water in the roof, that may cause rust steel of the roof. This rust can be weak ends the durability and strength of the roof so on time precautions are must to take. All Kinds of leakage-seepage in the walls, roof or anywhere in the building, A TO Z GLOBAL ENTERPRISES can stop without deterioration. We have variety of imported chemicals that can be applied on the surface according to the requirement and condition. Our method of water proofing system is based on following steps

  • Complete site Investigation
  • Surface condition
  • Quantity of drainage pipes
  • Tracing of water sources
  • Building Joints
  • Proper surface cleaning
  • Cracks fillings
  • Water Proof Chemical Coating
  • Performance test

Services are provides by the professionals of A TO Z GLOBAL ENTERPRISES for the long lasting water proofing protection to the building.

Water Proofing

Water proof coating cover the masonry of your building with a waterproof substance, stopping water from getting inside and wracking havoc… The Coating be the masonry itself, and water proof means no water in, no water out