Our innovative pest control service is guaranteed to get rid of your insect problems, while our protection services make sure your home is always protected.


Pest Control

Mosquitoes spared diseases such as malaria, yellow fever, and Dengue fever. Flies are found in unsanitary conditions like garbage dumps and trash can, when they are around, humans can become very sick. Similarly, cockroaches have been around since the time of dinosaurs! They crawl in our home, tracking in lots of bacterial and germs contaminate food by shedding their skins and cause allergies, asthma and other diseases, especially in kids. So, fumigation spray is necessary to control all pests protect your Health.

Termite Proofing

Termite is a silent enemy that effects 24 hours to your precious items in the building, on time precautions are must to take in this connection A TO Z GLOBAL ENTERPRISES has trained and developed a team of technicians who can take care of all your termite protection jobs equipped with hammer drills, sub slab injectors, Roding devices, Protective equipments and regulated pressure pumps. These professionals can handle any job the client’s satisfactions

Rodent Control

Adult House mice weigh from 1/2 to 1 ounce. They are generally grayish brown with a gray or off-white belly. House mice live in and around homes, farms, commercial establishments, and in open fields and agricultural lands. House mice will eat many types of food but prefer seeds and grain. Foods high in fat, protein, or sugar may be preferred even when grain and seed are present. Such items include bacon, chocolate candies, butter, and nutmeats. Unlike Norway and Roof rats, House mice can survive with little or no water, obtaining their water from moisture in the food they eat

COVID-19 Disinfection

We are one of the best company for Sanitization & Disinfection Services. We deal in both Industrial and Residential Sanitization and Disinfection Services. Sanitization work is done through ULV (Ultra Low Volume) machine, which produces micro particles of chemical and is completely safe and is stain-free. For your safety and ours, the operators wear Personal Protection Equipments (PPE) while delivering the services.

Water Proofing

Leakage-seepage, traces of water in the building, falling paint and other Precious items may cause you feel upset at times but the major effects can be hidden from your sight is the storage of water in the roof, that may cause rust steel of the roof. This rust can be weak ends the durability and strength of the roof so on time precautions are must to take. All Kinds of leakage-seepage in the walls, roof or anywhere in the building, A TO Z GLOBAL ENTERPRISES can stop without deterioration

Heat Proofing

In the summers you might feel hot temperature through the day and night in the building and ceiling fans keep on throwing hot air. Performance of AC is not also good due to hot weather conditions and load shedding circumstances. So, it is difficult to survive in such weather conditions. A TO Z GLOBAL Enterprises has best price-controlled technology to protect you from heat by heat resistant chemical coating on top roof, then you can reduce the temperature in the building and live comfortably. This method of application will save energy and cooling costs and temperature will be lower by 5-70 C inside the building.

Water Tank Cleaning

Almost there are two water tanks in every home underground and on the top roof but barely peoples come to know or consider the the cleanings of water tanks, which may cause water un useable and cause the source of many diseases like gastro, dhairya, and many others. A TO Z GLOBAL ENTERPRISES not just clean the water tank but spreads anti-bacterial medicine internally, it cleans the water and save you from mentioned diseases.

Floor Scoring and Polishing

Oure technicians are skilled, trained and professional, and can do any kind of floor and building related job for we offer building and façade cleaning via suspended working platforms and tucker pole system

objective and mission

To provide excellent services to all customers -theough well-trained, dedicated and courteous personnel equipped with support sysytem, equipment and lestest technique to meet and satisfy customers esteemed needs and requriemnts


To provide you clean & hygienic environment by using quality chemicals &
improving our methods, techniques. To provide you Pest control, Termite control, Rodent control, COVID-19 Disinfection, Water proofing, Heat proofing, Water tank cleaning, Floor scoring and polishing services through skilled technical staff.


We always tried to give maximum possible solutions to market industry on affordable Competitive rates from domestic to industrial sectors. Quality alongwith Quantity is the realserving concept which enabled us more prosperous & fruitful for our Customers.


We always believe in skilled, trained and experienced staff team fully equipped
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provide you clean, healthy & hygienic environment

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